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    Commercial Moves

    If you are the person that will be responsible for coordinating an upcoming commercial relocation, the relationship that is established with the Moving Consultant will be the key component of a successful and cost efficient transition. It is recommended that at least two estimates be sought from representatives affiliated with a major van line such as United Van Lines. To avoid confusion and save valuable time, bring the Moving Consultants in at the same time for the visual survey. In this way, the same person will be dealing with both Consultants and will provide the same information and clarify any questions.

    Once you have chosen the moving company to perform your relocation, meet with the Moving Consultant in order to finalize any and all scheduling issues. In the case of larger relocations, a blueprint of the current location and the prospective location would be extremely useful for planning and expediting the moving process. The Moving Consultant should also provide you with removable labels for contents (desks, chairs, filing cabinets etc…) to facilitate identification and placement of office furniture and equipment.

    Arrangements should be made well in advance with the property managers of both origin and destination locations for uninterrupted service (if applicable) or loading/unloading access. Good access and elevator usage will translate into cost savings. If you do not have the time to perform this task, your Moving Consultant will happily look after this matter on your company’s behalf. In advance of your relocation you should contact the firms that have service agreements with your company. You will have to notify them of the move and also find out if these items can be moved by a professional moving company or if they require their own carriers to relocate the equipment. In the event that these items are allowed to be moved by a moving company, make certain that your servicing company prepares them for safe transit.

    Last but not least, you are paying for the services of a professional moving company and its representatives. They are there to answer any of your questions and work out the logistics of your relocation in such a way that it is not only a smooth transition, but one that is cost effective. Use the knowledge of the moving company and its representatives to your advantage.

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